Why is cloud security not a good thing?

Why is cloud security not a good thing?

With everyone moving to the cloud, internet service providers will try to sell you on a cloud based firewall. There are hundreds of companies that will scrub your traffic “in the cloud” before it comes into your business.

The benefits are obvious. No need for expensive on premise firewalls. No need for an IT professional on staff to manage, monitor and update security equipment. Your internet traffic will magically be cleansed of threats by the cloud security police and you will only receive the cleanest, purest internet traffic.

There is only one problem with this. Hackers don’t play by the rules!

Just like a traffic cop, your internet service provider directs traffic through their cloud scrubbing center and then on to you. Your internet traffic has to follow very specific routes designated by your internet provider. Hackers don’t follow red lights, yield signs or wrong way signs.

In 100% of businesses there is a router placed there by the internet service provider. This device is the internet handoff from the ISP to the business. Hackers target these devices via unique identifiers, MAC address or IP address. Even if these devices are hidden by the ISP, hackers have tools to identify them. They then attempt multiple attack schemes to gain access to this device.

If they are successful, they own 100% of the business network. Remember that you have moved your firewall into the cloud. There is no longer a firewall at your edge to protect you. Just like the gate to your castle, you can’t remove it and assume the traffic cop down the street will keep the bad guys out.

This is where Axiom excels. With our SecureAmerica® program, we provide you with a fully configured firewall for your edge. It is the first stop into the business and the last stop out. We monitor threats coming in and going out to protect your business from Ransomware, malware, intrusion attempts, cross site scripting, SQL injections, distributed denial of service attacks and many others.

The secret is in the automation we have built into the threat intelligence gathering and deployment. Axiom’s customers get updates to their firewalls every ten minutes based on real world threats that are identified by global agencies such as the FBI, Homeland Security and the IANA. Other companies wait 3 months or longer to patch holes in their firewalls, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Our proprietary update automation collects this data from trusted sources in real time and creates a firewall update via an ETL process (Extract, transform, and load). That update is checked for integrity and quality assurance and then pushed to our entire client base every ten minutes meaning our customers are on the cutting edge of protection. If a threat is detected by one of our client’s Axiom firewalls and it meets the threshold of a verified attack, the entire ETL process begins again, building a custom update that is pushed out to all of our client base within ten minutes. As our clients grow, our artificial intelligence engine will become smarter, creating a community of well protected and happy clients.

Our team of cybersecurity experts monitor clients 24 hours a day to ensure protection is up to date and none of our clients are under attack. All updates, monitoring, configuration, support, reporting and the equipment is included in our monthly subscription prices. Protection starts at $199 per month. At that price, who could afford not to have Axiom SecureAmerica®?