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Axiom Cyber Solutions in the News

Rise in swatting cases as kids spend more time online for remote learning
KTNV – September 21, 2020
Kids have been spending more time online since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, using chat room such as Discord to talk to others. With this, there’s been an increase in hackers and, more specifically, swatters on those chats who hide their identities while hacking into others’ networks to learn their names, locations, and other private information. Jon Wolfe, CEO of Axiom Cyber, urges parents to monitor these situations, and be aware of the swatting statistics so that people can work better to prevent them.


Axiom CEO Jon Wolfe regarding Twitter Hack
KTNV – July 15, 2020
Axiom Cyber CEO Jon Wolfe discusses the latest Twitter Celebrity hack, where thousands of unsuspecting users donated cyber currency to a hacker’s account.


Axiom CEO Jon Wolfe gives tips for Cybersecurity
LA Story – April 24, 2020
Due to the massive shift into remote working due to COVID-19, there has been a huge upscale in cybercrimes. With many people unprotected online due to the sudden change of work environment, Axiom Cyber CEO Jon Wolfe shares tips to staying safe online during remote working and learning.


Coronavirus Pandemic Generates New Fraud Strains; COVID-19 Scams on Computers, Smartphones
USA TODAY – April 4, 2020
With Coronavirus scams becoming increasingly more common as many people transition to working remotely, USA TODAY shares how Axiom Cyber Solutions’ HakTrap device can protect against any phishing scams and cyber-threats that try to take down at-home networks and devices


PODCAST: How Tech Can Help During the COVID-19 Crisis
“Tech It Out” with Marc Saltzman – April 3, 2020
Award-winning podcast host Marc Saltzman sits down with Axiom CEO Jon Wolfe to discuss how Axiom Cyber Solutions’ new HakTrap device can be of incredible use during the mass transition to remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic


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