SecureAmerica Threat Defense Platform®

Introducing SecureAmerica Threat Defense Platform® by Axiom Cyber Solutions

The world’s first touchless, automated platform that can identify the newest threats, vulnerabilities, & automatically dispatch updates in real-time.

Intelligent Ransomware Defense technology based on communication protocols

Powerful Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation

Solutions Aligned To Your Business Needs

Cybercriminals know no bounds and every business is a potential target.

In the event of a cyber attack, do you know what you’d do, who you’d contact, or how to tell your customers?
Would you be able to handle the potential legal and financial ramifications from a lawsuit?
Isn't it better to get protected now so you don't have to worry later?

The Axiom Difference

Automated Updates

One of the biggest gaps in cybersecurity protection is the frequency in which organizations apply criticial updates to their firewalls. To combat this and give our customers an edge, Axiom has developed its SecureAmerica Threat Defense Platform® that includes real-time automated updates for our entire client base.

Real-time Monitoring

Power outages or internet outage? Under DDoS attack? As a customer of Axiom Cyber Solutions, you can expect to receive a call from one of our support engineers to check on the situation and help you through whatever issue your business may be facing.


Every SecureAmerica Threat Protection Platform® has Axiom's state of the art DDoS protection algorithms. While your business may not see large-scale DDoS attacks, many of our customers are surprised with how their internet speeds up after installation when Axiom cuts out the low-level attacks and pings that may be hitting your business every day without your knowledge.


The number one threat to busineses, ransomware brought in over $1 Billion dollars to cybercriminals in 2016. Axiom's engineers have studied ransomware in-depth and identified key communication patterns which our platform can block at the firewall if ransomware makes it past your internal defenses (endpoint protection and network monitoring)



  • How does the SecureAmerica Threat Defense Platform work?Open or Close

    The Axiom SecureAmerica Threat Defense Platform is a combination of our automated platform and a next generation firewall (NGFW). By placing the SecureAmerica Threat Defense Platform at the edge of the business, all internet traffic in and out is filtered and analyzed for the upmost protection.

    SecureAmerica is not an anti-virus or anti-malware software (endpoint protection) but we can assist you with those if you need protection.

    SecureAmerica is protection for the business network and prevention from cyber-security threats.

  • How complicated is it to install the SecureAmerica?Open or Close

    It is not complicated at all. If you have ever hooked up a telephone, you can hook up an Axiom SecureAmerica firewall.

  • What kind of protection am I getting?Open or Close

    Axiom cyber-security engineers are constantly researching the latest threats and our automated platform takes in hundreds of open and closed threat intelligence feeds. We are able to then automatically push threat updates to our platform so that our clients are protected. With the SecureAmerica Threat Defense Platform, you will get a NGFW, threat detection and prevention, denial of service protection, ransomware protection, 24 hour monitoring, and detailed monthly reporting.

  • What if I need more protection?Open or Close

    Axiom has a complete line of solutions for any size business. Axiom SecureAmerica Threat Defense Platform has you covered, no matter your size. Our platform is designed to defend businesses with as little as 1 employee and as large as several thousand.

  • What if I get attacked?Open or Close

    Businesses are constantly under attack. In our first month, our offices were hit over 300,000 times with scans, intrusion attempts and network mappers. Not one of those actually got through. Axiom SecureAmerica Threat Defense Platform actively prevents these threats and notifies our command center when your business is under attack. Our engineers will immediately review the notification and ensure that the Threat Defense Platform is doing everything necessary to handle the threat. With today’s increased bandwidth and changing threat landscape, the Axiom SecureAmerica Threat Defense Platform is constantly updated to stay ahead of the latest threats.

  • How does the SecureAmerica protect me from ransomware?Open or Close

    Axiom engineers have identified key markers for ransomware communication. Our patent pending algorithm identifies the ransomware as soon as it is activated and actively prevents it from encrypting your company’s data.

  • Why do I have to worry about DDoS?Open or Close

    Denial of Service is a real threat to American businesses. Attackers are constantly launching these attacks for a variety of reasons. From “hacktavism” to data theft, the attacker’s intentions vary widely. In the past, denial of service was simply meant to knock your website offline. Today, attackers are making these attacks very sophisticated and are generally trying to overload your systems so that they can find vulnerabilities that they can come back and exploit. A large percentage of denial of service attacks lead to a later data breach.

  • More Questions?Open or Close

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