Axiom Sentinel™ State-of-the-Art DDoS Mitigation

Axiom Sentinel Stops DDoS in its Tracks

Don't leave your business in the hands of your upstream provider or a cloud scrubbing center.

The Axiom Sentinel is a Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) with features and functionality that challenge the status quo.

From response time and mitigative capacity to number of packets inspected per second, Axiom Sentinel is unbeatable.

Axiom Sentinel - Advanced DDoS Firewall

Introducing Axiom Sentinel

Full Featured

Challenging the Status Quo, Axiom Sentinel is a Enterprise-class Firewall with a full set of features.

IP Services

Network Services


100GB DDoS Mitigation

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Highest Performance

The Axiom Sentinel is a high performing mitigation monster.

8x SFP+ ports

Ports directly connected to CPU

120 million pps packet inspection & throughput

Up to 80 Gbps throughput

Removable, hot swappable power supplies

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New Generation CPU

Sentinel is powered by the next generation of high performing processors and ECC memory.

100 core CPU

1 GHz clock per core

State of the art AXI Application Processor


2 Built-in M.2 slots

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DoS? DDoS? Botnet?

  • DoSOpen or Close

    DoS stands for “denial of service” and refers to an attack that overwhelms a system with data.

    A DoS attack is performed from a single computer and is less common today than DDoS attacks.

  • DDoSOpen or Close

    Again, DoS stands for “denial of service” and refers to an attack that overwhelms a system with data.

    In a DDoS attack, the first "D" stands for distributed and that simply means that many computer across the internet are engaged, sometimes hundreds or thousands at a time.

    More often than not, the computers being used in the attack are not knowingly participating but rather are compromised systems from home computers, routers, and even CCTV cameras that are controlled by hackers as part of what's called a "botnet".

  • BotnetOpen or Close

    Simply put, a botnet is a number of Internet-connected devices that communicate with other similar devices to complete repetitive tasks and objectives. It is a combination of the words robot and network.

    A zombie botnet is the group of hacker-controlled computers and/or devices that can be enlisted by the hacker without their owners knowledge.

    A computer can be turned into a "bot" through malware on infected websites, through spam file attachments, and sometimes just through known vulnerabilities in operating systems or devices.