Been a Victim of Ransomware? Contact Axiom Cyber Solutions

Been a Victim of Ransomware? Contact Axiom Cyber Solutions

One of the first things that you should do following a ransomware attack is to alert the authorities. While the FBI and local law enforcement may not launch a formal investigation into the incident, they do want to be informed of the incident. The FBI released guidance on ransomware in 2018 that does not encourage the payment of ransomware but acknowledges that sometimes businesses will be forced to make the difficult decision of payment for the restoration of their files (I-091516-PSA). The FBI states that “The FBI does not support paying a ransom to the adversary. Paying a ransom does not guarantee the victim will regain access to their data; in fact, some individuals or organizations are never provided with decryption keys after paying a ransom. Paying a ransom emboldens the adversary to target other victims for profit, and could provide incentive for other criminals to engage in similar illicit activities for financial gain. While the FBI does not support paying a ransom, it recognizes executives, when faced with inoperability issues, will evaluate all options to protect their shareholders, employees, and customers.”

Victims of ransomware are requested to contact the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

How Axiom Cyber Solutions Can Help

If you have been victimized by ransomware and don’t know where to turn for help, contact Axiom Cyber Solutions for a free consultation. Axiom Cyber Solutions specializes not only in ransomware protection but also in helping the victims of ransomware. Dealing with a ransomware attack is a stressful event so having a trusted adviser on your side who knows what you are going through can make a real difference.

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