$19.99 / month and a $39.99 sign-up fee

Secure your home with Axiom Defender .
A continuously updated firewall-as-a-service that
updates over 150 times per day.

Introducing Axiom Defender, designed specifically for protecting your internet-connected home and home office.

Once online, your Axiom Defender will connect to Axiom’s Polymorphic Threat Defense System

which pushes out over 150 updates a day to provide real-time protection against today’s latest threats.

The hackers are constantly evolving their attack vectors, isn’t it time that you evolve your defenses to stay ahead?

The Axiom Defender is installed just behind your connection to the internet, usually a cable modem or DSL mode. By being the first stop in and the last stop out, the Axiom Defender can inspect all internet traffic to ensure protection.

The Axiom Defender protects your home from rogue scans and hackers trying to intrude on your network. It also protects against anything on the dark web, crypto-jackers, ransomware, malware, torrents, and much more.

Weight 3.0 lbs