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What is a DDoS attack?  

On the morning of October 21, 2016 much of the East Coast lost its connection to the internet. Sites such as Amazon, Twitter, Spotify failed to load due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on one of the main domain name service (DNS) providers, Dyn Inc, for the East Coast. DDoS attacks hit the victim with a flood of fake internet traffic that overloads the internet connection. You can think of it like cars on a freeway. If you have too many cars, the freeway becomes clogged and no traffic can move. A DDoS attack does the same thing with the internet.

DoS? DDoS? Botnet?

  • DoSOpen or Close

    DoS stands for “denial of service” and refers to an attack that overwhelms a system with data.

    A DoS attack is performed from a single computer and is less common today than DDoS attacks.

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    Again, DoS stands for “denial of service” and refers to an attack that overwhelms a system with data.

    In a DDoS attack, the first "D" stands for distributed and that simply means that many computer across the internet are engaged, sometimes hundreds or thousands at a time.

    More often than not, the computers being used in the attack are not knowingly participating but rather are compromised systems from home computers, routers, and even CCTV cameras that are controlled by hackers as part of what's called a "botnet".

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    Simply put, a botnet is a number of Internet-connected devices that communicate with other similar devices to complete repetitive tasks and objectives. It is a combination of the words robot and network.

    A zombie botnet is the group of hacker-controlled computers and/or devices that can be enlisted by the hacker without their owners knowledge.

    A computer can be turned into a "bot" through malware on infected websites, through spam file attachments, and sometimes just through known vulnerabilities in operating systems or devices.

  • The IoT ConnectionOpen or Close

    The growth of IoT according to industry experts will triple by 2020 from 10B devices to 34B, and the industry will spend $6T over the same period. IoT devices are lacking the most basic security protocols and continue to be developed without security in mind. It’s possible to hack them in as little as 3 minutes, and the government regulators have not defined any security standards for IoT.

  • Mirai CodeOpen or Close

    The Mirai code was released to the world in late September on a hacker forum. The malware code uses vulnerabilities within IoT devices to enlist them in a Botnet army to conduct DDoS attacks. The most notable Mirai attack so far has been against the DNS provider, Dyn Inc, that caused widespread internet outages on the East Coast of the US on October 21, 2016.

How Axiom Sentinel DDoS Protection Can Help


Traditional DDoS protection is either an appliance at the client location or in the cloud as a service. Most do not have full 7-layer OSI model protection and require additional technology to protect against all DDoS threat vectors.

Challenging the Status Quo - The Axiom Advantage

Axiom Sentinel was designed for enterprise clients who need a complete solution in a single appliance.

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Ten years ago DDoS attacks seldom exceeded 10Gbps. On September 20, 2016, the Krebs on Security site was hit with a massive 620Gbps DDoS. Most traditional DDoS protection can only mitigate up to a 1-2 TB attack.

Axiom Scalability

Axiom Sentinel can absorb an attack up to 10Tbps and can be deployed into a cloud service.

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Complete Solution

Most DDoS protection devices are single-threaded and only handle DDoS attacks.

Challenging the Status Quo - The Axiom Advantage

Axiom Sentinel is a complete full-featured solution that cannot only protect against DDoS attacks, but also is a next generation firewall with IDS/IPS functionality, advanced ransomware protection, and behavioral heuristic analysis capabilities.

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Rapid Deployment

Traditional DDoS protection technology requires baseline testing to define “normal” traffic prior to implementation. It can take several days to install the solution.

Challenging the Status Quo - The Axiom Advantage

Axiom’s DDoS protection platform requires minimal support, installs in minutes, and is a fully functional “out of the box” solution.

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