Worried about the Ashley Madison Hack? Beware before you enter your spouses data on these fake sites

Given the constant media attention being dedicated to the Ashley Madison hack, it’s reasonable to expect that there are a number of curious spouses who may be tempted to find out if their partners were using Ashley Madison’s services.

In the past few days, hundreds of fake phishing, malware, and virus ridden websites have popped up encouraging users to enter their spouses personal information with promises to provide confirmation or denial of their involvement.

33 million users were exposed in the breach making any of these concerns valid.

Axiom would like to urge caution and ask netizens to summon the patience and wait for a legitimate security firm to provide a secure tool to analyze the data.

Many of these websites ask for names and e-mail addresses, but some ask for credit card and billing information, as well as partial social security numbers.

On top of these requests , some go as far as to require you to sign up for free and paid services, or take lengthy surveys.

In addition to downloading inadvertent malware, spyware and viruses, providing personal information to these thieves exposes the suspect, and anyone that may be closely associated with them, to inadvertent danger.

Many of these hacks are no longer targeted at identity theft, but instead are targeted at allowing state sponsored entities to create population and citizen databases to discover possible physical and social vulnerabilities leaving you, your family, and your nation at risk.

Axiom data engineers have been analyzing the recently available data dump and can confirm that it will require intervention on behalf of a data warehousing specialist or administrator to render the data searchable in a web friendly format.

To date, our researchers have not found any legitimate services offering database information without significant security risks.


Again, we urge caution to those lying in wait and ask that you #FightBackwithAxiom by not falling victim to these predators.